Steve Jobs memorial filled with humour and emotion

Tara Brady
18 October, 2011
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Steve Jobs

The memorial for Steve Jobs at Stanford University on Sunday night featured an intimate series of tributes from friends, colleagues and family.

The Wall Street Journal is quoting a source present at the service, who said one of Steve Jobs’ daughters read the script from the Apple TV advertisement known as ‘The Crazy Ones’, part of a campaign that saluted iconic figures like Muhammad Ali, Ted Turner and John Lennon. (Here is a clip of the original version of the commercial as narrated by actor Richard Dreyfuss and an unaired version narrated by Jobs himself).

Mona Simpson, Jobs’ sister, spoke of being present during the last moments of his life.

Joan Baez sang ’Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’, U2 frontman, Bono, performed the Bob Dylan song, ‘Every Grain of Sand’. Dylan was one of Jobs’ favorite artists.

Larry Ellison, Oracle chief and longtime friend of Jobs, said their relationship consisted of walks near their homes in Silicon Valley, the person at the service said. Ellison also offered a moment of levity when describing his Hawaiian vacations with Jobs. He said the trips always included four people: Jobs, his wife, Lauren, Ellison and whichever woman Ellison was dating at the time.

Jony Ive spoke about working with Jobs. During brainstorming sessions Jobs would often come up with a lot of ‘dopey ideas’, along with good ones too.

Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bono and Rupert Murdoch were also in attendance. Former Apple executives Jonathan Rubinstein, Avie Tevanian, Tony Faddell and Andy Hertzfeld were also there. Tim Cook, Scott Forstall and Bud Tribble were among the current Apple executives present, as were Larry Page and Sergey Brin.


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