Steve Jobs’ glasses sell out

Liana Pappas - Publisher
11 November, 2011
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Steve Jobs

First it was his iconic black turtleneck but now the signature glasses of the late Steve Jobs’ has sold out following his death, customers eyeing the glasses are now on a 12-week waiting list.

In 1998 Jobs had bought his first pair of the rimless frame glasses, which were designed by Robert Marc.

The German Lunor Classic Rund PP glasses are retailing for US$495 (AU$488), and have sold out, am New York reported.

Lunor’s website had the iconic pair featured as “The glasses of “Steve Jobs.”

The specks were also on display at a trade show in Hong Kong with a photo of Steve Jobs reading: “Steve Jobs 1955-2011: We have lost an ultimate genius. What he has left us are his overwhelming ideas and his favourite glasses,” The Wall Street Journal reported. 

Marketing executive Garck Tsui, who is responsible for the glasses’ distribution in Asia, said: “After Jobs passed, many, many clients and customers asked for these glasses.” “People see these glasses as a tribute to Mr. Jobs.”

But social networking sites have been buzzing with criticism of the marketing campaign, with many people suggesting the company is cashing in on Jobs’ death.


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  1. Michael O'Keefe says:

    I purchased a pair, arrived today, two weeks from order date….

  2. sandra says:

    It is a strange thing to feel that amazing insight and ability to see things differently, may be enabled by wearing the same glasses.

  3. Brandt Hardin says:

    Visionaries like Steve Jobs reveal the true secret to the Universe in that nothing is impossible with time, perseverance, and positive visualization. Such a passion for furthering human communication inspires. His legacy will survive generations with names like Edison, Tesla as the greatest inventors and visionaries of all time. As an artist, I draw from these inspirations and advancements in my work and you may enjoy my recent portrait of Mr. Jobs, now In Memoriam at

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