Steve Jobs’ anti-Android remarks barred from Apple vs. Samsung patent trial

Macworld Australia Staff
19 July, 2012
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A US District Court judge has granted Apple’s request to withhold statements made by Steve Jobs regarding Google’s Android OS from a patent lawsuit against Samsung.

Jobs’ anti-Android remarks were barred from being used in court proceedings at the request of Apple,  on the basis that they were not relevant to the patent case, according to a report ftrom Reuters.

Jobs was  quoted in his official  biography as saying Android was a “stolen product” and that he was would fight back by waging a”thermonuclear war” against Google and its mobile operating system software.

Samsung wanted to use Jobs’ sentiments in court, claiming that the “thermonuclear” reference “speaks to Apple’s bias, improper motives and its lack of belief in its own claims in that they are a means to an end, namely the destruction of Android.”

Apple responded, saying the quotes were inadmissible and detracting from the issue at hand. Judge Koh agreed with the company’s line of argument:

“I really don’t think this is a trial about Steve Jobs,” Judge Koh said at this week’s hearing.

Samsung did secure some small triumphs of its own, however, with evidence of Apple’s Chinese operations permitted for analysis (excluding talk of of human rights violations). Taxes paid by Samsung in the US can also be introduced, though tax evasion issues regarding the payments are restricted.

The Apple vs Samsung jury trial will commence on July 30 in the US – we’ll keep you updated on the case as we learn more.


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