Speaking of Blue Screens

Matthew JC. Powell
22 November, 2007
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One of the nicer bits of OS X 10.5’s “eye candy” is its support of icons up to 512×512 pixels — massively more detailed than Mac OS icons previously could be. The change has not spread throughout the system, and as far as we’re aware no third-party applications have the new quarter-megapixel icons yet. However, the parts of Leopard that do include the high-res icons are a joy to look at.

For instance, where you used to get a fairly blurry-looking generic icon for your type of Mac in the sidebar, you’ll now find a startlingly detailed image — and you can tell the difference between different screen sizes of iMacs. At maximum size, these icons are near-photographic.

Of course, every once in a while you’ll be connecting your Mac to a Windows PC for file-sharing or other uses. In that case you’ll find a “Generic PC” icon in the sidebar. Apple’s designers have decided to have a bit of fun at Microsoft’s expense (and why not?) in designing that icon.

Just in case you’ll never see it, or at least not at full size, here it is.

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