Sony supplying iPhone 5 sensor; delays expected

Tim Grey
4 April, 2011
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Sony has ‘accidentally’ dropped the ball on the iPhone 5, telling the world it will be supplying camera sensors for Apple’s next smartphone.

Sony’s CEO Sir Howard Stringer told the Wall Street Journal that its camera technology would be used in the iPhone 5, although it won’t be specifically designed for that device.

The reports support a previous claim that the manufacturer of the iPhone 4’s 5-megapixel sensor manufacturer, Omnivision, would miss out on supplying an 8-megapixel version for the iPhone 5.

Stringer joked about the irony of supplying technology to its major competitor:

“[It] always puzzles me,” he told the WSJ. “Why would I make Apple the best camera?”

Stringer also revealed that the delivery of the components is likely to be delayed following damage to 15 Sony factories during the catastrophic earthquake in Japan.

The information gives credence to earlier rumours that the iPhone 5 release had been pushed back until September because of supply-chain delays.

Speculation online has suggested that the component Sony’s supplying for the iPhone 5 is likely to be an 8-megapixel sensor. What do you reckon’s going in the new iPhone, and will it arrive on time?


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  1. Morgan Hearst says:

    8 megapixel? Lame. My Nokia N8 has 12, and does flash.

  2. ODB25 says:

    Why would any1 want 12 MP’s in a mobile phone – I barely want that many in my point and shoot

  3. ball_buster says:

    iPhone is so good I am so excited

  4. Xenophos says:

    12 MP is lame in such a small sensor. Heck, 8 MP is lame. I’d have thought keeping it at 5 but improving light gathering qualities would be preferable.

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