Sonos TruePlay arrives as a free update

Anthony Caruana
11 November, 2015
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Sonos has released a new software update today that adds a feature called TruePlay

Sonos TruePlay lets you precisely tune Sonos speakers without the need for specialised equipment or complicated training. Sonos speakers can now be placed anywhere in a house – from under a kitchen cabinet to the corner of a bathroom – and still sound great. TruePlay listeners will hear the full clarity and impact of their favourite music regardless of how challenging these locations are acoustically.

TruePlay makes it easy for anyone to improve the way music sounds in any room. Using the Sonos app, the microphone on an iPhone or iPad and a special tone emitted by the Sonos speaker, the system analyses the acoustic profile of any room to determine how sound reflects off walls, furnishings, glass and other surfaces that impact how sound is heard.

Sonos then smartly tunes that speaker in 60 seconds or less so the music sounds its very best. The sound profile of each speaker is changed only as much or as little as needed to sound right for the room.

I had the opportunity to see Sonos TruePlay in action a few weeks ago and the difference it made was quite stunning. During that demonstration I listened to the before and after of a Play 1 speaker placed in the corner of a kitchen behind a coffee machine. The difference in sound quality after TruePlay was used was stark, with much clearer sound. This is important as many speakers are placed where there’s a convenient power source rather an acoustically optimal location.

I’ve used other speaker tuning tools before – a Sony home theatre rig that used a special microphone to optimise output from a surround sound system. The TruePlay system is much easier to use and takes just a minute or two.

In addition to both the original and new SONOS PLAY:5, TruePlay is compatible with all SONOS PLAY:1 and SONOS PLAY:3 smart speakers, iOS devices and will continue to be added to more of the Sonos lineup over time.

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