Social apps and games big money spinners

Anthony Caruana
19 May, 2015
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Analyst firm App Annie has conducted a report that looks into usage-level information that shows how users in some of mobile’s key countries — including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and South Korea — are consuming apps.

Although the report focusses mainly on Android usage, there are likely to be strong parallels with iOS usage. And these insights can help channel developer attention towards categories and markets that are more likely to deliver strong revenues and profits

Not surprisingly, communication and social categories dominate
 in every key market with apps in these categories accounting for at least 40% of Android smartphone sessions.

In Asia, the mobile games is strong 
When it comes to who spends more time playing mobile games, it’s no contest: Japanese and South Korean gamers dominate.

When it comes to revenues, the report reveals in Japan and South Korea, over 90% of iOS and Google Play app store revenue comes from games, whereas games accounted for approximately 70% of app store revenue in the United Kingdom and around 80% in the United States in Q1 2015.

The free report (you’ll need to provide some details to access the report) covers tablet usage as well with some interesting insights into how long people use different types of devices with different types of apps.

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