Apple’s Siri prefers Nokia smartphone

Macworld Australia Staff
14 May, 2012
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Apple, and common sense, would have you believe the iPhone 4S is the best smartphone on the market at the moment, but recently a Siri screenshot has hit the internet claiming Nokia’s Lumia 900 is number one.

The screenshot shows Siri stating Nokia’s Lumia 900 is the top model on the market when asked ‘What is the best smartphone ever?’.

Macworld Australia’s Siri had a very different answer: “What… there are other phones?” or “You’re kidding right?”.

Siri uses knowledge engine WolframAlpha to calculate the best response to a given question, and the best smartphone according to WolframAlpha is the Nokia 900 4G based on five, five-star reviews.

Apple’s iPhone 4S sits at 13 on the list, with LG’s 500G in second place and HP’s Touchpad Tablet in third.

WolframAlpha’s list has been criticised by multiple tech websites in the wake of the Siri response, including VentureBeat.

It’s “a pretty egregious error for a service that says it provides expert-level knowledge,” said.

“Where does Wolfram Alpha itself get this information from? Source information for the query points to the Wolfram Alpha knowledgebase as the primary source, and Best Buy’s website as a background source. And that’s where the trail ends.”

So why does Macworld Australia’s personal voice assistant have a different answer? Has Apple fixed Siri’s answer? Unlikely.

Perhaps the internet is pulling everybody’s leg.


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