Silicon Valley Millionaire? Boyle and DiCaprio in talks for Jobs biopic

Madeleine Swain
22 April, 2014
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It’s starting to sound like the search for Scarlett O’Hara back in the 1930s…

Producer Scott Rudin’s upcoming Steve Jobs biopic has a couple of new big names attached to it. The latest filmmaker being associated with the project is the English director Danny Boyle, whose impressive CV stretches from early edgy hits like Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, to more recent work like 28 Days Late, 127 Hours and the hugely popular and winner of eight Academy Awards, Slumdog Millionaire.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that following the departure of David Fincher from the film, Boyle has started talks with Sony Pictures and has already approached Leonardo DiCaprio to star. When Fincher was still involved, it was reported that he was only interested in being involved if Christian Bale were hired to play Jobs.

DiCaprio and Boyle have worked together before, on The Beach in 2000. The film wasn’t terribly well-received though, coming out a few short years after Titanic, it was able to capitalise on DiCaprio’s huge popularity and did fairly well at the box office.

Neither the actor nor the director have worked with writer Aaron Sorkin before and observers have already noted that DiCaprio bears very little resemblance to the late Apple co-founder. It’s also been noted that his involvement would delay the project further as he is already committed to star in The Revenant, the new period thriller from Alejandro González Iñárritu (21 Grams, Babel), which is currently in pre-production.

In a neat little trivia twist that epitomises the merry-go-round that is Hollywood, in 2010 The Revenant had a different director attached (Australia’s John Hillcoat) and Christian Bale was attached to star.

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