Apple fans respond to Samsung’s Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 comparison ad

Macworld Australia Staff
17 September, 2012
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Samsung’s attack-ad running in US newspapers that compares the specifications of the iPhone 5 to its Galaxy SIII, in an attempt to steer smartphone buyers away from Apple’s latest smartphone, has drawn a response from Apple fans.

The ad, titled ‘It doesn’t take a genius’, lists system specs of both smartphones in an attempt to quell this week’s hype surrounding the iPhone 5 launch.

The Samsung ad highlights the Galaxy SIII’s larger screen, 2GB RAM, HD Super AMOLED display and NFC capabilities, however the ad also includes software features such as Tilt to Zoom, Palm Touch Mute Pause, S-Beam, Shake To Update and more.

The ad fails to include iOS software features such as iCloud, FaceTime, Airplay and iMessage or the iPhone 5′s higher ppi display, thinner profile and faster Wi-Fi speeds.

Samsung’s newspaper ad:


Apple fans have responded to Samsung’s ad with their own variants, scribbling out perceived errors, replacing text and criticising Samsung’s smartphone.Two of the altered versions are below.

Samsung and Nokia seemed to be on the same page over the weekend with Nokia tweeting:

Lumia 920: Wireless charging, amazing camera, screen you can use with gloves on and much more. No, it doesn’t take a genius. #switchtolumia

The iPhone 5 will arrive in Australia on Friday September 21, while Samsung’s Galaxy SIII has been available for purchase since May. Nokia’s Lumia 920 will hit Australian shores in the coming months.

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  1. AussieMacUser says:

    Funny – I thought that pursuing one’s rights in a court of law – and winning – was just the way we did business in a democracy.

    Samsung looks desperate – and has lowered itself several pegs in my estimation. I don’t need to do business with a corporation who does business in this manner.

  2. Jason Brown says:

    I don’t think SGS3 LTE was available at launch, not sure if its available in OZ yet.

    Nokia shouldn’t be bragging about their camera seeing most of the shots they advertised weren’t even off the phone.

  3. Gaz says:

    Apple claim Samsung to be the school bully…? Uhem… Anyone who knows the process for resellers to sell Apple into the education market will tell you that Apple are the bullies. As for Apple winging about another company stealing their ideas – Go watch the film Pirates of Silicon Valley and spare a thought for Xerox & Park Research facilities from whom Apple stole EVERYTHING.

  4. Anthony says:

    Hey gaz if you really want us to take you seriously you might want to learn to spell. Winging so apparently apple are flying about another company according to your statement

  5. Apple Pirates says:

    if you will just watch “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” hahaha how dissapointed apple fans would be. calling samsung copycat.. well a REAL copycat goes terribly angry when someone he stole first were stolen by another person. haha

  6. Pablo says:

    Hey Gaz,

    Apple stole nothing from XEROX PARC, it licensed everything. It is a common misconception bandied about by Apple haters that Apple stole the GUI from XEROX PARC when in fact Steve Jobs went in, liked what he saw, entered a licensing agreement (i.e., paid for the GUI) and transformed it into what everyone first saw in 1984 and now sees every day when they start up their computers.

    And if you have seen Pirates of Silicon Valley you will know the plot line of that film is focussed on what Bill Gates and Microsoft stole from Apple.


  7. Luis says:

    How can anyone put a word on behalf of any company? and working there doesnt make a difference, seriously… Just buy the phone you need/like best and stop feeding companies on the idea that they are techgods. Companies better be all about giving you your money’s worth, not the other way. dont feed a troll.

  8. Lawrence says:

    I think this will not have much impact on Apple since their clients know very well why they use it. It is not about specs. It is not about figures. It is about the user experience. I know for a fact that there will always be Fandroids. There will always be Fanapples. I for instance tries the S3 in the shop when I lost my 3GS on the train. It is a nice device. But Android is by far not as usable as iOS. I mean it can do sooooom many things but that’s not what it’s about. You don’t buy Apple for a product that has the most feature that no one will ever use but for having a clean lightweight device that is on the contrary stripped of every useless piece of crap feature. The result is a device that does a few things in a fashionable and easy to use manner.

    Samsung are gutsy. They stole everything from Apple, got sued over it and now the pretend as if they invented the whole thing. You can bet your ass over it Apple will strike back. It might cost them another 3 billion USD. I surely hope so.

  9. SamsungIsBest says:

    To all Ice-Age mentality Apple fans: Samsung is the giant that will crush Apple in the comming years. Hear me well. I invented the Rectangle!

  10. Larry Oyims says:

    Am neither a fan of apple nor Samsung, but I own iPad 2 and I like it. I have not used android but look forward to, buying the upcoming Samsung galaxy note 2 soon. The two actually are copycats. Apple did not invent the rectangle to the best of my knowledge and it looked silly that some people just came together and awarded victory to apple on the basis of the shape of its phone which they say Samsung copied. The truth is, Steve Jobs is a genius in improving upon the ideas of others and making it exclusive. Much of the components of apple were supplied by Samsung and others, so why does apple complain? Is it a manufacturing company or a design company? Please let me know.

  11. TonyG says:

    It`s totally wrong companies to patent obvious things related to the human perception of the world like colours, touching, rounded corners, etc. Our generation has used freely what our ansestors achieved. Now a company may patent a triangle button and want everybody to pay them just for being the first who patented this. It`s ridiculous.
    If you disagree, remember, you have to pay me if you have red things – I just pattented the red color…..

  12. Taylor says:

    I love how everyone acts like this is such a cheap tactic by Samsung. OMG LOW BLOW.
    What’s next? Are they going to release an advertising campaign on TV with two people saying “I’m an iphone, and I’m a Galaxy S3″? Then they have the guy ‘representing’ iPhone say self-deprecating things about himself while the other guy spits out half truth’s and overall propaganda?

    That would REALLY be a low blow, wouldn’t it? Fanboyism at its finest.

  13. KeithM says:

    Excuse me if this seems terribly British, but this is about phones, and nothing else. A phone purchase is about preferences and features – or it should be – it’s not a religious commitment. I find it hilarious that people across the world will queue for days to get their hands on the latest version of a phone without even thinking about the specs, I find it strange that anyone would take much notice of “knocking” ads without actually doing their own research into how suitable product x or y is for their needs, and I find it childish that any company would seek to gain market share by suing its competitors. There is no copyright on a good idea, at least not over time. Grow up, friends, and produce products which will appeal to me for their function, their features, their form, and their price – it’s called marketing…

  14. A says:

    “…clear message” to Apple who, despite the ecstatic popularity of its iPhone series, is currently at number 2 behind Samsung in terms of global sales.”

  15. Dave L says:

    I think the family of Alexander Graham Bell should sue them both for stealing that mans idea of a telephone…next Apple will be suing Star Trek because in the future they are swiping the screens with their fingers and are using massive screens for face-time with the bad guys, and it doesn’t have an Apple logo anywhere! How dare they! It’s absurd!

  16. MBR says:

    Blah blah.. Who cares.. It is a just a mobile phone..
    Why take it so serious.. Pick a phone for what you want to use it for.. I liked iPhones before.. Then I go SGSII.. Now I am waiting for the HTC OneX+..
    Why..? Because it got hardware inside I need.. I never read what Apple, Samsung or HTC write about the products.. Everybody steals from one another.. That is how we people follows the evolution.. See what works and build further on with that idea.. The problem is only that the companies wants more money and less competition.. But we as customers should love the competition.. That means more powerful phones with neat designs for us.. Well.. That is my opinion..

  17. mugen says:

    Why isn’t it stated that Bluetooth on iPhone only works with iPhone on its series and not even on other Apple products? A big let down for me who wants to get an iPhone, really a simple file sharing is not supported – come on we’re in the social era!

    Excited for the S4 – fingers crossed it will come to fruition!

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