Samsung-ordered report finds consumers mistake Galaxy Tab design for Apple iPad

Macworld Australia Staff
9 August, 2012
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According to an internal study by Samsung, consumers are confused by the design of its Galaxy Tab, mistaking the device for Apple’s iPad instead.

The survey was submitted by Apple as evidence in the Apple v Samsung patent trial, where Apple is accusing its opponent of ‘slavishly’ copying patented iPad and iPhone designs. Apple argued that the consumers in the Samsung-ordered survey believed the tablet was made by Apple, because the Galaxy Tab’s design is copied from that of the iPad.

“Over half of consumers who recognise the Samsung sponsored TabTVC [TV commercial] thought it was for Apple,” the January 2011 report findings conclude.

“Only 16 percent thought it was for Samsung…. Only 11 percent of consumers are aware and can link the Galaxy Tab back to Samsung while 65 percent of consumers are aware and can link the iPad back to Apple.”

The analysts who conducted the study did, however, observe that consumer recognition and identification of the Galaxy was growing, and advised Samsung executives to continue “to offer distinct and distinguishable Galaxy products.”

The study was one of two that were presented as evidence by Apple in the trial’s proceedings in San Jose, California. Apple used the reports  to contradict Samsung’s previous attempts to prove that consumers could tell the difference between Apple and Samsung products.

The trial is set to continue this week. For a day-by-day account of court proceedings so far, see here.


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  1. AussieMacUser says:

    It might be helpful for the court to understand not only how the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone are so similar, but how other important phones like the Nokia/Windows models are not. This would help it distinguish true innovation from copying.

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