Rumoured MacBook Pro refresh on March 11

Tim Grey
8 February, 2011
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Worldwide, MacBook Pro stocks are falling, prompting speculation that a new model of Apple’s top-of-the-line laptop is soon due for release.

In the US, retailer Best Buy has sold of a number of models, according to 9to5mac, while Macrumours points out that Amazon is out stock for one or two months. The situation is much the same in Japan, with Macotakarta reporting reseller stocks are depleted.

The rumours were given further credence this morning by claims that Best Buy has planned for a March 11, 2011 release date for the MacBook Pro refresh, with prices unchanged from previous models.

There’s little indication thus far of what would appear in an updated MacBook Pro lineup, apart from its use of Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture – a move that’s been causing problems for both Apple and the chip manufacturer.

Given Apple’s enthusiasm for faster, smaller, solid state drives, particularly considering the technology’s plummeting cost and its successful integration into the last Macbook Air, it’s a strong possibility any new MacBook would feature flash memory. There’s also the possibility a refreshed laptop could feature an aesthetic makeover, redrafting its unibody design to be more in line with the Air’s sleeker stylings.

Wilder speculations include the removal of an optical drive, mini-HDMI ports and a retina screen, none of which are likely to happen.

What would you like to see in a rejigged MacBook Pro lineup? Tell us about your dream MacBook Pro below…


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  1. Dusty says:

    I already have it. It’s a 17 month old 13.3″ model. I wouldn’t turn down a bigger hard disk or longer battery life although these things have progressively been implemented as the technology becomes viable.

    One option that would be quite useful would be a slot for a micro-sim (a la iPad/iPhone 4) to connect to 3G networks while out and about and negating the need to attach a clunky, breakable USB device or search for a hotspot.

  2. @moldor says:

    Lets see… High-res anti-glare screen, 512Gb SSD and 8Gb RAM (expandable to 16Gb – ONE socket free !!), SD card slot, Firewire, 802.11N, 2xUSB (minimum), 8 hour battery, blueray recorder.

    Oh, and the option to have a second internal drive instead of a SuperDrive – although that may make it too close to an Air.

  3. BrianB says:

    USB 3.0 would be nice..:-)

  4. Joseph B Rithen says:

    An HDMI and BlueRay. Wow, now its perfect.

  5. Aceart says:

    3G or 4G would be nice and some type of HD picture quality.

  6. tom says:

    for it to come out soon!!!

  7. davebullard says:

    Don’t hold your breath, BrianB! It seems that Apple will bypass USB 3.0 for Light Peak. Check out

    As far as the new MacBook pros go … put me down for one with no optical drive and two SSDs in a RAID1 config!

  8. james says:

    I was about to purchase the macbook pro 15″ 2.66GHZ… would you recommend holding out for the new one?

  9. Dan Yeshh says:

    Weight,battery(12hrs if possible^^) and maybe better cooling system especially for the i core series =)

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