Rumoured iPad mini’s display to have ITO film coating

Rashad Al Rubaie
20 August, 2012
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New reports suggest that the alleged iPad mini’s display will have indium tin oxide (ITO) film coating and that future iPads will also adopt this feature.

According to AppleInsider, ITO is a super thin and lightweight coating that is an electrically conductive transparent substance that acts as an EMI shield and helps reduce radio interference. ITO is a solid solution that possesses great conductivity and transparency properties. It is often used as a coating for flat panel and plasma displays.

Efun Technology, a Taiwan company, has produced materials that are coated with ITO films and doubled its profits due to its success. Most of its recent success emerged from Samsung’s use of the ITO film in its devices, and Efun Technology’s profits are expected to rise further with Apple’s adoption of the technology in its 7.85in iPad.

If Apple launches an iPad mini this September with ITO film coating, as the rumours suggest, then the iPad mini will be the first of Apple’s products to use the technology.

Gradually, we are finding out more about the potential release of Apple’s iPad mini. Along with the news of the iPad mini adopting Efun Technology’s ITO film coating, other features of the purported 7.85in iPad have been revealed.

We reported that there are some leaked images floating around that appear to be of the new iPad mini, and if they are, it appears that the iPad mini will not have a camera.

Other reports suggest that the iPad mini could be as thin as an iPod touch, with small side bezels, seperate volume buttons and a microphone on the back.

Reports circulating the internet have suggested that the iPad mini will be launched alongside the iPhone 5 at a September special event.

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