Rumour: iPod Touch to Go 3D?

Tim Grey
21 January, 2011
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Last years official next-big-thing, 3D, may have been slow getting off the ground, but this year it looks like a second wave of products might find some interesting new applications for multi-dimensional technology.

This weeks’ headline release is of course the Nintendo 3DS, but Japanese blog Macotakara is claiming Apple is thinking about releasing a stereoscopic iPod Touch that doesn’t require glasses. Macotakara says (in Japanese):

According to a source of a company which provides LCD to Apple, they seems to begin preparing to manufacture small glasses-free 3D LCD panel for iPod touch. This 3D LCD panel looks similar to Sharp Corp’s LCD, which is capable for displaying 3D image without glasses on vertical and horizontal position.

Intriguingly, CNET points out that Sharp has indeed been producing some autostereoscopic smartphones that left attendees impressed when the company showed off the technology at CES.

While firmly a rumour at this stage, it’s certainly not one outside the realm of possibility. Whether or not Apple decides to push the iPod Touch into the third dimension remains to be seen.

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