Roland SonicCell: Mobile Promise

David Holloway
10 March, 2008
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The Roland SonicCell is one of those pieces of gear that has instant appeal from a mobile music viewpoint. It’s a well-endowed sound module with built-in USB audio interface and comes with a software editor. What’s particularly interesting about the software editor is the ability to create playlists which you can then transfer to a stock-standard USB memory stick. Connect that to the SonicCell and you have a standalone backing machine for performance. On the other side of the coin, use the SonicCell’s audio interface to record guitars, vocals or any instrument with standard audio outputs into your Mac.

Its main punch is as a sound module, with 896 patches plus 256 General MIDI 2 sounds. Add to that two bays for Roland SRX expansion bays and you can be carrying around a couple of thousand sounds in the palm of your hand.

Cakewalk’s Sonar LE is also bundled but it’s a Windows-only application. However, the SonicCell is compatible with Logic Pro 7.2 and Cubase 4. It’s not cheap at $1595.00 but its feature set and portability may make it a more than worthwhile investment for the gigging musician or home studio user with the need to expand their sound palette. Contact Roland Australia on 02 9982 8266.

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