Report claims Google Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface will destroy the iPad

Mark Hattersley
12 August, 2012
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Forbes, a highly influential American business magazine, has run an article claiming that the iPad will begin to lose market share to the combined pincer attack of Microsoft’s Surface and Google’s Nexus 7.

Forbes columnist Panos Mourdoukoutas writes “Microsoft and Google are latecomers in a brutal industry that has already taken casualties … But, perhaps, they have learned a thing or two from the mistakes of those that came before it.”

Perhaps? But we’re not quite so convinced by Mourdoutoutas’ underlying arguments.

He claims that Microsoft’s standard inclusion of a keyboard in the Surface and it’s support for Windows 8 will appeal “to users who seek the full functionality of a laptop rather than a smartphone in a tablet.”

Microsoft’s Surface tablet will come with a keyboard and run Windows 8

Meanwhile, Mourdoutoutas claims that Google’s Nexus 7 has “enticed consumers with a significantly lower price point than the iPad”

The comment regarding the Nexus 7 is superficially true, and Google’s device is certainly showing strong launch sales. However, there’s no evidence to suggest that in the long term what the market wants is cheaper, smaller, less-capable tablets. Google also has to contend with the spectre of Apple responding with its own cheaper, smaller, iPad.

If it can’t compete in the 9in tablet space with a price that matches, or sometimes slightly undercuts, Apple’s, there’s little reason to think Google can compete in the 7in tablet space either.

Microsoft’s Surface is, to our mind, built on even shakier foundations. As with Windows Phone, Microsoft does deserve credit for attempting to create a mobile device with a different approach to Apple; which could broaden the definition of what a tablet is for.

On the other, to our mind more accurate, hand: Microsoft has spent considerable amount of time and money over the years attempting to make tablets that run the Windows operating system, and it wasn’t until Apple came along with a completely different approach that tablet devices went mainstream. Apple’s 70% market share (with the remaining 30% largely made up of cheaper devices that mimic the iPad) suggests that Apple had the correct approach when it launched the iPad, just how different the Surface really is to older Windows-based tablets remains to be seen..

And we’re not wholly convinced that people are short of options for truly lightweight portable computers with good keyboards, decent trackpads long-lasting batteries, connectivity options and storage options.

But it is generally assumed that Apple cannot completely control the tablet market indefinitely, and that this may not neccessarily be a good thing; convincing consumers to buy non-Apple tablets, however, may be harder than Forbes thinks.


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  1. Neil Anderson says:

    The experts didn’t think Apple could rule the mp3 market with the iPod either.

  2. ViewRoyal says:

    “Microsoft’s standard inclusion of a keyboard in the Surface and it’s support for Windows 8 will appeal “to users who seek the full functionality of a laptop”

    Uh, wouldn’t they get much better value buying an actual laptop, with much better specs, a real keyboard and trackpad, and more upgradability… all for much less money than the Surface???

  3. lrd555 says:

    Mmmmmmmm….. iPad’s got 237,000 apps. Many upgraded 3 or 4 times already. The user experience is going to be hard to beat. Not to mention that another 20+ Apple stores are slated to open in the fall. Bringing the total to like close to 400 stores. Why is important you may ask? Well, because Apple stores get millions of visitors. That’s a whole lot of iPads being sold by Apple directly.

  4. JoEBall says:

    iPad’s future is similar to iPhone and OS X. It will be a profitable niche product, but the hey day has already passed. Witness how iPhone is essentially an irrelevant product outside the US. That is what iPad’s future holds.

  5. Craig says:

    The rumored 7″ iPad is likely to help Apple remain on top of the tablet market.

  6. Pedro says:

    I want “the full functionality of a laptop rather than a smartphone in a tablet”, and although I’m a 25 year Apple owner-user I would even consider using Windows to get that if its not available from Apple or Linux/Android. As a person on a limited income I would also be enticed by a significantly lower price than the iPad. So at last the Tablet war is getting interesting.

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