Report: Apple sets March event for Apple Watch 2 and maybe a 4in iPhone 6c

Oscar Raymundo
9 December, 2015
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It’s not even Christmas yet, and there are already rumours circulating about what Apple is planning for the upcoming year. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is planning a spring event in March 2016 to reveal the Apple Watch 2. This second-generation Apple Watch is rumoured to start shipping in April 2016.

9to5Mac is also reporting that Apple is, in fact, working on a 4in iPhone, tentatively described as the iPhone 6c. According to sources, it’s possible the 6c could also be introduced during the March event.

Rumours about Apple’s ‘budget-friendly’ iPhone 6c have been circulating for months now. Originally it was supposed to be announced in conjunction with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus back in September. Then, we heard the 6c would be announced in January. Now, the 6c is set for a March event. If we ever do get this 4in iPhone, it’s rumoured to have the faster A9 chip, but neither 3D Touch nor top-notch camera specs.

Previous rumours about the Apple Watch 2 mentioned some key improvements, like a front-facing video camera for FaceTime chats and a wireless chipset that would make the Watch capable of connecting to Wi-Fi without being paired to an iPhone. This Wi-Fi chip would bring a Find My Watch capability to the device in case it goes missing.

apple watch stand 2

Apple is also rumoured to release a new set of ‘smartbands’ for the current-generation Apple Watch in 2016. These smart bands will be equipped with sensors designed to track health data in new or more accurate ways.

Why this matters: Originally, it was speculated that these smart bands would be released in lieu of new Apple Watch 2 hardware because Apple didn’t believe that people weren’t likely to upgrade their smartwatch annually as they do with their iPhones.

Now that the Apple Watch 2 is rumoured to be unveiled in March, one year after the first generation was introduced, this is perhaps a sign that there’s a higher demand on these Watches. And that Apple is committed to growing the Apple Watch as its own product category.



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  1. Mike from NSW says:

    As much as I love Apple, I really hope that the watch stays apart from this cycle of upgrades (and reducing the value of each superceded model).

    I don’t know ANY people that upgrae their watches annually – or even bi-annually. A watch is as much a personal effect as it is a time piece or piece of technology, and I do know that a lot of people fondly remember when and where their watches were purchased or gifted to them.

    Please Apple, do not try and turn what is often a personal gift or a hard thought about extension of one’s self view into an excuse to churn out a new model every year. I think that will backfire terribly if you do.

  2. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    I agree – software updates are one thing but new hardware would be upsetting to many I’d think.

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