Red frogs halt Apple exec’s dream home in Bonny Doon

Karen Haslam
8 May, 2012
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Steve Jobs battle with local authorities over his plans to pull down his old colonial style house in Woodside and rebuild on the site are well know. Now another Apple exec is hitting the headlines with plans for a house with residents and scientists claiming that it will be too expansive and a danger to the local red-legged frog population.

Apple vice president Bob Mansfield has submitted plans to build a dream house overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Californian town, Bonny Doon, some of the residents are concerned about the development, however.

The project has also drawn concern from the city water department and a former UC Santa Cruz geologist has also raised issues. In addition the Ventana Chapter of the Sierra Club has speculated that endangered red-legged frogs could be found on the property (though none actually have been).

Some residents say the development will be too expansive and too far out of place for Santa Cruz County’s North Coast.

Local resident Jodi Frediani told Santa Cruz Sentinel: “What we’re talking about in terms of a surrounding neighbourhood is a dozen properties surrounded by a state park. And this is like a king coming to build his castle on top of the mountain.”

Not everybody is up-in-arms, however. Another resident, William Cunningham said: “We have seen that almost anybody wishing to develop legally their property must deal with the agony and expense of neighbours who will oppose whatever it is they want to do.”

Apple vice president Bob Mansfield sought permission to build in the area in 2010. The 9,000-square-foot home includes a theatre and agricultural roof, as well as four barns, an outdoor kitchen, a potting shed and a herd of goats, according to the report.


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    Why do people (liberals, really) insist on trying to control other people and their lives?

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