Red Bull Stratos mission reenacted with Lego

Chris Brandrick
17 October, 2012
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Felix Baumgartner stunned the world this past weekend when he broke three world records as he jumped from 128,00 feet above the earth —and now his achievement is available to watch again in Lego form.

Red Bull’s Stratos jump saw the Austrian daredevil become the first human to break the sound barrier without any mechanical aids. The live event got the Lego treatment to promote the upcoming ModelMaker Fair in Vienna.

The short stop-motion video features the jump preparation and ascent, and even a minifigure that takes the now famous dive. Of course, the Lego version doesn’t quite make the same 24-mile climb that Felix did, but hey, we’re talking about plastic toys here.

Check it out:

Felix uses a Mac

Felix Baumgartner was photographed using a MacBook before leaving the planet on his skydiving mission.

The photograph was taken in the Red Bull Stratos Mission Control by Predrag Vuckovic and Limex Images and posted to Reddit.

If you missed it, you can watch his jump here.

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