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Macworld Australia Staff
31 October, 2014
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Macworld-Reunion-macworld-australiaWe, at Macworld Australia, are proud of our history and would like to announce our 30th birthday is on its way.

To celebrate we are creating the Macworld Reunion hard-cover book that delves into the life and times of Macworld‘s 30-year history, the major product events that have changed so many Australian lives and the staff that have made this magazine the continued success that it is. From product launches to unforgettable moments, this book covers the history of Apple in Australia and is a must-have companion for all fans.

And if you pre-order before 30 November, you will receive a personalised copy of Macworld‘s collectors’ edition.

This hardcover edition is available via pre-order only and will feature:

  • commentary from founding editor Osmund Iversen and the key Macworld people who have been part of this 30-year journey
  • momentous product launches
  • detailed reviews of the years that shaped Apple from 1985 to 2015
  • showcases of Apple’s biggest product innovations that have changed our lives
  • comments from long-time subscribers, and
  • much, much more.
Hitting the shelves in April 2015, the Macworld Reunion hard-cover book is available for pre-order now until 30 November for $49.95 including postage. Get your piece of Apple history here.


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  1. David Laurie says:

    WHAT’S HAPPENED to this book ?!?

    I ordered my copy last October, had that order confirmed then..

    AND here we are, May 2015, and not a sign of it ~ has the publication been delayed ?
    OR has the ordering/dispatch system gone kaput ?

  2. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Hi David
    Apologies for keeping you in the dark – due to one of those staff turnover issues, I’m afraid. You are right, the book has been delayed, but is now due for a July release. We apologise again for keeping you waiting and thank you for your patience. We hope this hasn’t inconvenienced you too greatly.

  3. David Wilson says:

    Is there an ETA for this book?


  4. David Wilson says:

    Is there an ETA for this book?

  5. David Wilson says:

    Is this book ever coming? The following was promised on Aug 7:

    “We wish to thank you for your patience in regards to receiving the Collectors Edition to celebrate Macworld’s 30th Birthday. We do apologise that there has been long delays with the book. For a number of reasons from accessing old content through to changes in editorial staff, it has all contributed to the delay. It is still under progress and we do hope to complete it and send if off to the printers in the very near future.

    We understand this is not the normal procedure when people order and pre-pay and are happy to answer any further questions you may have in relation to this. We can assure you that the book will be delivered to you once the publising process is complete.”


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