Porsche gets the CarPlay treatment

Anthony Caruana
20 April, 2015
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If you’re looking for the perfect accessory to accompany your iPhone then look no further German sports car maker Porsche. They’ve just been added to the list of carmakers that offer CarPlay.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said all major car manufacturers are planning to incorporate the third-party infotainment platform in models they’ll be selling this year.

Porsche already has their own in-car solution called Porsche Communication Management with GPS navigation, voice control and digital audio. It even has speed limit indicators that it gets from data stored in the system’s navigation database.

With Google, Microsoft and even BlackBerry already vying for our dashboards, Apple is facing some stiff competition. Ford did have a solid relationship with Microsoft but that has recently fallen apart with BlackBerry’s QNX platform usurping the challenger from Redmond.

Fortunately, if you want CarPlay you won’t need to splash out big bucks for a Stuttgart speedster. Parrot and Pioneer both offer after-market CarPlay systems that can replace standard head units in most cars.

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  1. DD says:

    Did you know that Apple Car-Play runs on the QNX operating system in most cars and probably Porsche. Car-Play is just an “App” running on an OS which is more than likely QNX.

    Do more research to confirm if you need to, but Car-Play is not a stand-alone.

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