PM forced to remove Apple Watch in cabinet meetings

Anthony Caruana
11 October, 2016
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As a fan of The West Wing, I’m reminded of one of the lines sometimes repeated by the President’s chief of staff, Leo McGarry (played by the late John Spencer): “There are two things people should never see made:sausages and laws.”

While, for the most part, governments present a united front when it comes to presenting their policies to the electorate, I would be very surprised if every cabinet meeting was the picture of decorum, and erudite argument and discussion.

For that reason and, one assumes, to ensure confidential materials aren’t leaked into the public domain, mobile phones and other communications devices have been banned from the cabinet room.

That ban has now been extended to include smartwatches such as the Apple Watch.

Our PM, Malcolm Turnbull, wears an Apple Watch and is often seen looking at it or tapping on its display while in Parliament or out and about. But he’ll be taking it off when he enters cabinet meetings from now on.

This follows similar moves in the UK.

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