Pixelmator expands to iPhone, adds to Photoshop-killer cred

Anthony Caruana
29 May, 2015
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Pixelmator is one of the first applications we install on every new Mac we either buy or road test. Earlier this year, Pixelmator was released for the iPad and today, that quest for image creation and editing domination continues with Pixelmator for the iPhone hitting the App Store.

Pixelmator for iOS is a universal application – your $6.49 gets you both the iPad and iPhone versions. It allows you to carry out layer-based image creation and editing. Output can be saved to iCloud and you can publish images to social platforms like Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook.

The app can open and save images using PSD, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and other formats. You can save your images directly to the Photos app and you can store and access images on iCloud Drive. That means you can work with an image on one iOS device, pick it up and continue working on a another and then finish it off with your Mac (the Mac application is a separate $37.99 purchase form the Mac App Store)

Better value than Adobe Creative Cloud?

The obvious competitor to Pixelmator is Adobe with Photoshop Elements, Photoshop and Creative Cloud.  However, Pixelmator looks to be a much better value proposition.

If we buy Pixelmator for iOS and OS X, we need to invest $44.48. That’s a one-off cost as updates are included for apps purchased through Apple’s App Stores.

Creative Cloud offers 20GB of storage capacity to their paying customers as well as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom in the Photography pack for individuals at $9 per month.

To mat that storage, you’ll need to pay Apple another $1.29 per month for an extra 20GB for your iCloud account. That adds to your free 5GB so you have a total of 25GB.

So, one year of Creative Cloud with 20GB of storage, Photoshop and Lightroom will cost $108.

The first year of using Pixelmator with 25GB of iCloud storage will cost $59.96. Subsequent years will cost just $15.48.

Unless you specifically need Photoshop, Pixelmator seems to be better value.


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  1. Blair Donaldson says:

    Unfortunately the developers insist on a user interface that makes viewing tools and other options difficult to see with the icons on a dark background. It’s not user-friendly and does not consider anybody with visual difficulties.

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