Palm kills the Foleo

Anthony Caruana
11 December, 2007
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Earlier this year Palm founder Jeff Hawkins showed off his latest invention — the Palm Foleo. Touted as a companion device for the Treo, it was hard to tell if it was souped-up PDA or a dumbed-down laptop.

Just a few short months later, Palm CEO Ed Colligan has killed off the Foleo, citing the need to consolidate the Palm marque on a single, software platform. That’s interesting given that the Treo line ships with both Windows Mobile and Palm OS flavours. More likely the fact that the product was killed off just as it was ready to ship was because there simply didn’t seem to be a market for a $US600 device (local pricing was never announced) when a fully-fledged — albeit Windows — laptop can cost less.

However, Colligan did promise a Foleo II (can you do a sequel without releasing the original?) that’ll be based on Palm’s new mobile software platform. Given that we’ve been waiting for a new version of Palm OS for several years we’re not holding our breath.

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