OWC DIY kits to replace your Mac’s hard drive

Xavier Verhoeven
24 March, 2010
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OWC have released a clever DIY kit for Mac users wanting a little more storage space or speed than stock-standard Apple supplies. The kits offer two upgrades in one, supplying a new larger/faster hard drive, external enclosure, and all the tools you need to do the swap

The package is designed so that you transfer your data to the new disk, replace your current one with the new one, and install the old disk in the external case to use as a portable drive. It’s not a revolutionary idea, but it should make the process a bit easier to tackle, especially for those with limited experience tinkering with hardware. OWC even have online guides to help you through the process of replacing a MacBook, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini drive (the latter of which requires a little more effort and may void your warranty).

The kits retail for around 40% less than buying the components separately, starting at US $67.99 (approximately AU $74 + shipping) for a 250GB 5400RPM drive with a USB case. Firewire models are also available, though the USB-only (aluminium) case is a bit more aesthetically suited to sit alongside Mac gear.

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