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Dan Warne
11 December, 2007
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YAI 1.2 £2 Shareware X (10.4) Intel/PPC
YAI (You Are Invited!) translates incoming meeting requests from Outlook/Exchange, Google Calendar and Zimbra into a format that iCal can understand. It simply plugs into Apple Mail and monitors your incoming mail. When one of the aforementioned calendar requests comes through, it automatically shunts the correct information over to iCal and leaves it in your appointment request list. Brilliant! And it took a shareware author to think of it — YAFTSBIM (Yet Another Feature That Should Be In Mail).

Twicetab 1.3.1 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

Make Safari a bit friendlier: this utility makes it possible simply to double-click a blank area on the Safari tab bar to get a new tab.

Voice Candy 1.1.6 $US12.95 Shareware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

What Photo Booth is to photos, Voice Candy is to audio. It comes with 12 voice distortion effects including Darth Vader, a chipmunk and more. You can also set voice reminders for yourself or for members of your family… “Empty the bin Luke… I am your father…”

Flux 1.0.15 $US49.00 Shareware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

This new visual web site editor allows you to create pages with Web 2.0-style interactive features without knowing Javascript programming. You can also resize and manipulate images within the program and drag-and-drop them on the page, while still outputting valid XHTML/CSS. You can edit the code yourself if you want, too.

Schreiben 2.0.2 $US4.95 Shareware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

If you’re sick of waiting for the Intel-compatible version of Word, you might like to try this tiny word processor, which is lightweight and fast, but includes all the essential features like tables, image placement and resizing and compatibility with the Word file format. Yes, it’s pretty bare-bones, but so is the price.

MoviePod 1.22 $US10.00 Shareware X (10.4) Intel/PPC
Convert movies for your video-capable iPod super-easily. It can read files in MOV, MPG, AVI, ASF, WMV, VOB, DV, FLC and any format supported by a QuickTime plugin. Can do batch encoding so you can queue up a job lot of videos to chew through overnight.

LameBrain 0.6 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

If you are keen to get the best sound quality when ripping your CDs to MP3, the open-source LAME encoder is the way to go. The problem is, until recently, there hasn’t been a good visual front-end for Mac. This does the job nicely.

LAME 3.93.1 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

You’ll also need the LAME encoder binary to go with LameBrain.

TunesText 0.7.3 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

Banish “bum de dum de doo” from your humming repertoire. This great Dashboard Widget displays lyrics for the song currently playing in iTunes.

Amua 0.6 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

If you’re a fan of the personally-tailored internet radio station/music recommendation service Last.FM, you should try out this alternative client for it. It sits neatly in the OS X menu bar playing streams, and submitting tracks you’ve played in iTunes into your Last.FM profile.

Adobe AIR beta 2 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC
Adobe AIR lets developers create desktop apps using web programming skills (standard HTML, Javascript, AJAX and Flash). This downloadable app lets you
run them.

AIRpress 0.3 beta Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC
An Adobe AIR application that lets you manage your WordPress blog from your desktop rather than via a web browser.

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