Now Samsung and Google have cloned the Mac mini

Karen Haslam
2 June, 2012
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Samsung not content with, allegedly, copying the iPhone, has now launched a apparent rip off of the Mac mini.

Samsung’s new Chromebox, launched to showcase Google’s Chrome OS, looks identical to the Mac mini, even down to the circular opening on the bottom.

Samsung and Google have teamed up to launch the Mac mini-like device to coincide with the release of the latest version of the Chrome operating system.

The Chromebox includes an Intel Celeron B840 Dual Core 1.9 GHz processor, features a 16GB SSD and 4GB of RAM.

Samsung and Apple are currently embroiled in a dispute over patents.



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  1. David McCarthy says:

    I’m not defending the thing but you should really look up the definition of “clone” and “identical”.

  2. Tom says:

    I am excited about this. I would like to see someone like Samsung take it to Apple, and give consumers options. I love my MacMini, but use “Plex” as the media server as I find Apples “AppleTV” and “iTunes” way too restrictive in what it will,or, more to the point, won’t play. Also the Australian iTunes store lags way behind the American site when it comes to popular content, thus the demand for such content is commonly being satisfied outside the iTunes store, often illegally, usually in a format iTunes can’t play natively. If Samsung can play with more codecs, and speak to other devices seamlessly (like a Samsung SMART TV) I would be lining up for one (which I admit would be a very short line, if any, compared to the ones we see outside the apple store).

  3. Pedro says:

    I am more interested in the OS than the box, not its bells and whistles and pretty pictures and access to music etc. online but the fundamentals, i.e. :
    is it stable?
    does it have a proper alphanumeric filing system like the Mac OS?
    does it have convenient user configurable in-line file and app access equivalent to that possible from the Mac’s Dock?
    does the productivity app (OpenOffice?) run glitch free like AppleWorks does?
    are apps & utilities properly organised and able to be easily found and aliased as they are in the Mac’s Aplications and Utilities and user defined folders?

  4. AussieMacUser says:

    This ripping off is now getting silly. Hopefully the recent court decision will help Samsung come up with its own (noticeable) innovations.

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