Norton AntiVirus goes up to 11

Matthew JC. Powell
11 December, 2007
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Symantec has announced an update to Norton AntiVirus which brings Leopard compatibility and a slew of other improvements including protection for applications connected to the internet — an increasingly common vector of attack.

Norton AntiVirus 11 includes signature-based Vulnerability Protection which guards against threats exploiting vulnerabilities within application software. Symantec says that 78 percent of current malware attacks occur at the level of web applications, and claims NAV 11 deletes and blocks malware and viruses from installing when you download pictures, music and software. As with any good Mac AV software, Norton AntiVirus 11 also detects and removes viruses written for Windows, so your Mac doesn’t become a "carrier" for infection.

In addition to these feature enhancements, NAV 11 incorporates a redesigned user interface including a Dashboard Widget and a "Snooze" button — so that scheduled virus scans don’t impact on system performance if they happen at an inconvenient time. The system can also be used via the Terminal, for users who wish to completely bypass the application itself and add protection and security features to their own custom scripts.

As well as Norton AntiVirus, Symantec has announced an update to Norton Confidential, its anti-phishing software, which is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Available from mid-December, Norton AntiVirus 11 will cost $59.95 including a one-year subscription to protection updates. Norton Confidential for Macintosh is available now for $49.95.

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