Nokia knocks Apple

Macworld Australia Staff
6 August, 2013
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Some people will tell you that literally naming and shaming the opposition is a big no-no in marketing. That by actually shining a light on your competition, you’re simply giving weight to the idea that they in fact are the market leader. Plus you always run the risk that viewers/listeners will come away with the ‘wrong’ brand name firmly front of mind. And yet companies continue to do it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Back in the day, Apple did its fair share of bashing the competition, ‘toasting’ the Pentium II back in 1996 and, of course, introducing the world to the concept of ‘I’m a Mac. I’m a PC’ back in 2008. But lately it seems the traffic is all going the other way. The Galaxy S2 has already taken its potshots at the iPhone while, more recently, Microsoft launched a series of ads aimed squarely at the iPad, mocking Siri to highlight the tablet’s apparent limitations, as well as the iPad’s supposed lack of multitasking ability.

No one likes to be left out of a party, so now it’s Nokia’s turn to find a perceived flaw in Apple’s smartphone and jump all over it. The result is this ad for the Lumia 925.

The biggest selling point for the 925 is its camera – so this is what Nokia has decided to focus on (sorry…). The ad campaign is called ‘Better Photos Every Day’, deliberately referencing the recent Apple ad, Photos Every Day, even using the same location in at least one sequence. The Nokia ad purports to show side-by-side comparisons of photographs taken on the iPhone 5 next to some taken by the Lumia 925, aiming to highlight the Windows phone’s low-light performance and more accurate colours.

But while some have been as gleeful about the ad as the Microsoft lovers were for those tablet ads, others have been less than impressed. For the record, our favourite response so far is on YouTube, courtesy of one Piotr Bakker, who says, “Thinking: “Hey Nokia, I love your products and Ima let you finish but if I all I wanted in a smartphone was a camera, I’d… uhmmm… get an actual camera.”

Other more serious-minded folk have pointed out that the timing is a little curious, given a new iPhone (with the moniker 5s or 6 – take your pick) is expected to be released in the next few weeks and, if rumours are to be believed, it will feature significant upgrades to the camera, at least according to and

Elsewhere, reports have noted that Apple has been busy at the Patent office (USPTO) again, this time securing the right to create a triple-lens, triple-sensor image capture device that would allow for unprecedented colour quality, hinting that the Cupertino California company could be planning its own optic innovations in the not too distant future. So perhaps Nokia is just getting its knocks in while it can…

by Macworld Australia staff


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