Nokia commercial trashes iPhone 5 for being dull

Macworld Australia Staff
3 October, 2012
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Nokia’s has launched a new campaign for its Lumia 920 smartphone, releasing a video that takes obvious jabs at rival company Apple, slamming the iPhone 5 for a lack of colour.

The ‘Time to Switch’ commercial, first noted by The Verge, shows a dreary queue of Apple fans, waiting for the new iPhone to drop outside an Apple Store. As one customer goes into the shop of black and muted-colour surroundings, he asks the employee behind the counter for “colour?”. The question sparks outrage from the employee, as alarms and sirens are set off, and the customer flees from the store.

Once outside, the customer spots a troupe of people carrying the new Nokia Lumia 920, pointedly, in a range of vibrant colours. But, as Apple Insider reports, this is the only mention and feature of the Lumia 920 that Nokia headlines in the ad.

Nokia’s latest commercial follows a string of attacks from other companies, including Samsung, Google and Stride. And, similar to the hashtag used in Google’s ‘#iLost’commercial, Nokia has signed off with ‘#switch’.

What do you think of the new Lumia 920 ad – is it harmless rivalry, or an unfair attack on Apple? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  1. Some Random Bloke says:

    Coz that’s why I buy a smartphone. Honestyly, the 920 is a great phone. They can do better marketing than that. Or someone needs to be fired.

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