No more waste paper – Epson PaperLab is a “make your own paper” recycling system

Anthony Caruana
18 March, 2016
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Epson says it has developed the world’s first compact office papermaking system capable of producing new paper from securely shredded waste paper without the use of water.

Epson plans to put the new ‘PaperLab’ into commercial production in Japan in 2016 with sales in other regions to be decided at a later date. Organsiations that install a PaperLab in a backyard area will be able to produce paper of various sizes, thicknesses and types, from office paper and business card paper to paper that is coloured and scented.

The PaperLab offers lots of benefits. For example, there’s the secure destruction of confidential documents. Instead of using contractors to handle the disposal of confidential documents or shredding them, the PaperLab will be able to safely dispose of documents on-site instead of handing them over to a contractor. PaperLab breaks documents down into paper fibres, so the information on them is completely destroyed.

PaperLab produces the first new sheet of paper in about three minutes of having loaded it with waste paper and pressing the Start button. The system can produce about 14 A4 sheets per minute and 6720 sheets in an eight-hour day.

Users can produce a variety of types of paper to meet their needs, from A4 and A3 office paper of various thicknesses to paper for business cards, colour paper and even scented paper.

PaperLab makes paper without the use of water. Ordinarily it takes about a cup of water to make a single A4 sheet of paper.

Dry Fibre Technology consists of three separate technologies: fiberising, binding, and forming.

Waste paper is mechanically fiberised using a mechanism that transforms the paper into long, thin cottony, fibres, immediately and completely destroying confidential documents. Since the PaperLab does not use water, it does not require plumbing facilities. That, plus its compact size, makes it easy to install in the backyard of an office.

A variety of different binders can be added to the fiberised material to increase the binding strength or whiteness of the paper or to add colour, fragrance, flame resistance or other properties needed for a given application.

Users control the density, thickness and size of paper. They can produce sheets of A4 or A3 office paper, paper for business cards, or paper of different thicknesses and sizes, depending on use.

Main specifications of the prototype product

Dimensions (w x d x h) 2.6 x 1.2 x 1.8 metres (excluding projecting parts)
Paper production speed 14 sheets per minute (A4 sheets)
Paper that can be produced            Sizes A4 & A3
Types Office paper, business card paper and other paper of various thicknesses. Colour paper (cyan, magenta, yellow, and colours formed by mixing these colours).
Paper that can be recycled Ordinary copy paper (A4 & A3)
Commercialisation 2016


NOTE: These specifications are for a product that is still in development and are subject to change without notice.


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  1. Jinane karhani says:

    from where are we going to buy it, if we are Lebanon?

  2. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    I’d suggest finding an Epson reseller and asking them.

  3. Hakan says:

    I have been waiting the releasing date of the paperlab but still I haven’t find out the price of this machine.

  4. ncediswa says:

    Where can we buy it in South Africa

  5. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    No idea – you’ll need to contact your local Epson reseller

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