New MacBook Pros (coming 27 October?) reportedly going all in with USB-C

Caitlin McGarry
19 October, 2016
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We’re halfway through October and there are still no new MacBooks in sight, though according to a Tuesday report from Recode, Apple is announcing its new laptops at a media event near Cupertino on 27 October – two days after Apple’s quarterly earnings announcement. While Recode had no details on what Apple’s Mac announcement will include, a new report indicates one huge, and potentially polarising, change is on the way. Pros are going full USB-C.

Citing a Chinese supplier, Pro rumour source Macotakara says Apple will announce and ship a 13in and 15in MacBook Pro without USB ports, a MagSafe connector or Thunderbolt 2 port, just like the 12in MacBook. Apple is all in with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, reports indicate.

The company is also phasing out the 11in MacBook Air when the new Pros are announced, but the 13in model will stick around.

Why this matters: A MacBook Pro without traditional USB ports would take some getting used to. Professionals use the high-powered Pros, and many of them have all kinds of peripheral devices that rely on the USB port. That means buyers of new Pros will have to shell out extra for an adapter or a multiport USB-C dock (like the kind Apple sells for US$80) to plug in all of their gear until accessory makers move to USB-C.

The new Pros will also reportedly be slimmer and lighter with an OLED touch display replacing the keyboard function keys and Touch ID. Those new features, plus powerful new processors, could be persuasive enough to convince those sceptical of USB-C adapters to embrace them.

Would you buy a new MacBook Pro if it ditched support for standard USB ports? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. DavidH says:

    Apple needs to give plenty of advance notice before ditching USB ports. If a new MacBook has no USB ports, I won’t be able to use one. When such a major change is made, the computer should come with an adaptor (PROVIDED FREE) so that customers have time to make the necessary changes.

  2. Damon says:

    It’s been so long since the last usable “Pro” release (i.e. as a desktop replacement) that mine has a cracked screen, declining battery and SATA cable not up to the rigours of the replacement SSD I bought for it. I guess that’s a “yes, I will have to buy it.” I just hope it has the connectivity I need.

  3. Ozzie Dave says:

    Anyone remember SCSI, or even parallel ports?

    It happens, build a bridge!

  4. Paul Briton says:

    Apple make good gear without doubt. But them changing things such as ports so often is more than annoying. I have been through FireWire 400 and then FireWire 800, USB2 (then USB3 which at least has the same connector), Thunderbolt, and now the rumoured USB-C on pro models. As I am a video editor I have many external drives with Thunderbolt and USB3 and a couple of FireWire 800 backup drives. It seems from this article these will be next to useless short of a possible (maybe) adaptor at additional and unnecessary expense. One would hope and assume with a pro model, such as the MacBook Pro a choice of connection ports would be retained. After all, how hard is that? Maybe Apple has a hidden interest is HD manufacturers!

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