New iPad fine print: What Apple isn’t bragging about

Jared Newman
12 March, 2012
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Apple’s new iPad event was a parade of updated features, from the Retina display to the faster graphics to the optional 4G LTE. Even without Steve Jobs, Apple has proven that it can make a fine show of its latest products.

But as with every Apple event, the company glossed over some of the fine print with its new iPad. Here are a handful of facts that Apple wasn’t so eager to boast about:

The Front-Facing Camera Hasn’t Changed

Should you decide to take pictures with the new iPad, you’ll find an improved 5-megapixel shooter on the back side, with image stabilization, auto-focus, face detection and 1080p video. Unfortunately, the front-facing camera is still VGA quality (read: 640-by480 resolution). Look on the bright side: The person you’re talking to on Facetime won’t be able to see your blemishes.

Better GPU, But Same CPU

In describing its new “A5x chip with quad-core graphics,” Apple obscures the fact that the CPU is exactly the same as that of the iPad 2′s A5 processor, as confirmed by Engadget. Only the GPU got a boost, mostly to serve the new Retina display and high-end 3D games.

The Hardware’s a Bit Thicker and Heavier

To make room for the iPad’s bigger battery, which was necessary to power the Retina display, Apple had to add an extra 0.11 pounds and and 0.03 inches of thickness to the new iPad’s frame. Otherwise, the design is fairly similar to last year’s model.


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  1. Anthony Andrade says:

    I will wait for the next generation. I hope they do not screw this one up.

  2. earthbound says:

    The biggest non-feature would have to be the LTE which will only work in the USA and Canada. The rest of the world uses different frequencies.
    So quite large markets like Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia still limp along at 3G speeds.
    I was hoping to upgrade but I think that I will wait for the next cycle of improvement. I will stick with the iPad 2 for now even though the faster 4G hemiroid tabs may ease some pain.

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