New design feature for iPad 2

Grace Robinson
4 February, 2011
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The US Patent & Trademark Office has published an application submitted by Apple that reveals the future design of the iPad.

The application indicates a built-in stand that pivots for landscape and portrait positioning while also enabling the iPad to be angled so that it can be used with the unit’s virtual keyboard, reports PatentlyApple

The new and advanced stand supports one of Apple’s other patents for added connectors as a feature of the new model iPad. Apple’s invention could also eradicate the need for the current docking station.

A built-in stand is likely to be popular with consumers as the market for tablet devices and the need for improved display orientations continues to expand. And while the object in the patent is clearly an iPad or tablet computer, Apple is opening the door for device stand features to be incorporated in the future designs for iPhone, gaming devices, televisions and projectors.


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  1. dreana says:

    I think with the ipad2 all will be well because they are designing it differently in a way that you can place it in any angle with unit’s virtual keyboard meaning it can be closer to you as you wish. It will also be better than the others because it will be having more features and even games. –

  2. JoeNorth5 says:

    Here’s the site that broke the story:

    Macworld Australia, naughty naughty.

  3. AMW staff says:

    Thanks JoeNorth – an oversight on our behalf.

  4. JAMES says:

    i visited our local apple store here in mt isa QLD OZ.
    to look at a apple computer, they seem so easy to operate even for a 64 year old like me !!

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