NBN rollout being accelerated

Anthony Caruana
15 October, 2015
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If we were wondering about our new PM’s commitment to the NBN, today’s release of NBNCo’s three-year plan should leave us in little doubt. The new forecast includes metropolitan areas containing almost three million premises across six Australian cities, where existing hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) cable networks will be upgraded and integrated into the nbn.

An announcement from the office of Mitch Fifield, the Minister for Communications, says, “By using the existing copper and cable infrastructure running into homes, NBN (National Broadband Network) can complete the network far sooner and at dramatically lower cost to taxpayers.”

The announcement brings the total number of homes and business with NBN access or construction underway by September 2018 to approximately:

  • 2.8 million in New South Wales
  • 2.5 million in Victoria
  • 1.9 million in Queensland
  • 970,000 in Western Australia
  • 750,000 in South Australia
  • 72,000 in NT, and
  • 134,000 in the ACT.

Tasmania will become the first state to be fully networked with fast broadband access expected to be available everywhere before September 2018.

The new three-year plan outlines NBN’s plan for its multi-technology mix rollout, which is anticipated by late 2018:

  • over 5.6 million homes will have access or an nbn connection under construction through fibre to the node (FTTN), basement or premises
  • close to three million homes and businesses will be covered by HFC, and
  • over 540,000 homes and businesses will be covered by fixed wireless.

According to Fifield’s announcement rollout progress under Labor was slow and costly.

“The NBN only managed to pass 260,000 premises during the previous term of government while under the Coalition, NBN has shaved years off construction time while still delivering superfast broadband of at least 50 megabits per second to 90 per cent of the fixed line footprint.”

For the majority of households this means the NBN will provide the same high speed and high quality service no matter what broadband technology is used.

More than 1.3 million homes and businesses can now order a broadband service over the NBN, and there are almost 700,000 homes and business in areas under construction.

The full list of communities where work is scheduled to begin before September 2018 is available from Friday 16 October, from 9am at: www.nbn.com.au/3yearplan.

To check the rollout progress in your area visit: www.nbnco.com.au/map.


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  1. Rowan Page says:

    What a crock of rubbish, Malcolm isn’t building or achieving anything except protecting the Terrestrial and Satellite TV networks from streaming TV services. If the NBN didn’t exist upgrades to metropolitan areas would being being performed by the telcos, and the regional areas would be getting access to substandard crap via a government subsidy instead, the result would be identical to the citizens, this is not something that should be funded by taxpayers and administered by the government. If you are going to use taxpayers money it should an infrastructure investment as Labor proposed, not a financially viable business model which it currently is! It should be owned by the government and unilaterally the same services provided across the country, yes it would cost ALOT, as a federally funded infrastructure project for the future of a country should!!!!!!

  2. J W says:

    You missed a state, the one the is so often missed out.

  3. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    I didn’t miss it – NBNCo did.

  4. chucky says:

    Well, at least you got one thing right, Rowan Page. There is NO way Labor could ever be credited with providing a genuinely “financially viable business model”!

  5. Geoffrey G says:

    Our short term leaders have now moved Australia to a 3rd World class country. High speed interstate railways?, New Cities to relieve the present expanding ones? and now eBusiness effectively dead in the water. Trying to operate on ADLS copper that lies corroded in the ground? NOT even DSL that our businesses need now. NBN effectively out of date even before we get it some time in the distant future. I ask you? Fibre to the Node! What a crock! As the recent collapse of our resource market has demonstrated, digging BL***dy big holes in the ground and shipping minerals without any added high tech value will not sustain our country in the long term. We need to join the the 21st century eWorld so that SME’s all over our country can employ people and create wealth and new industries.

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