My Frame back in the picture (and in the App Store)

Xavier Verhoeven
28 June, 2010
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In a partial win for developers over the weekend, Groundhog Software’s My Frame has been accepted back into the App Store. You may remember that Apple had removed the app a few weeks ago for incorporating a ‘widgety’ desktop-like interface.

The new version of My Frame (1.3) now lists that Twitter and stickies functionality have been removed from the app. “We apologise for both of the above, but it was the only way you know who would let us back into the store” write the developers on the app’s page in the App Store.

Russell Ivanovic from Groundhog Software and Shify Jelly describes the process of getting the app re-approved on the Shifty Jelly blog. The post shows that the developers lacked any clear advice or direction from Apple, but once the apparently-offending material was removed, the app was accepted back into the store.

Here’s what Russell had to say about the frustrating process:

5 June: We begin a dialogue with Apple to get My Frame back in the store. I use the word ‘dialogue’ kindly, really it’s more of a monologue. It started positively with them sending us an email asking us to call them, but after that it was all one-way traffic. We send emails. They ignore us. We call them, they don’t call us back.

Somewhere in June: We decide to take a punt and submit My Frame minus the Twitter and Stickies functions. Not based on any specific advice from Apple, but as a random guess as to what they may object to. We have some minor success with our contact at Apple, who ends up being very helpful, but is still not able to tell us what to change or whether we’ll be approved as part of our review.

25 June: My Frame is finally approved for sale… and then gets removed from the store 30 minutes later. This time Apple did answer our calls, and told us it was a mix up with some master override they have to change.

26 June: My Frame appears in the store, after it’s month long hiatus. Several seconds later, the “where are Twitter and Stickies” emails begin to arrive in our inbox. Here’s the ironic part: we can’t say ‘removed at the request of Apple’ because Apple never requested anything…leaving us in a very weird place.

For what it’s worth, the Twitter and stickies functionality wasn’t really the killer feature of the app to begin with, and it’s still a great way to view photos and a few other bits and pieces while your iPad is docked. Get it now from the App Store for $2.49.

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