Mountain Lion 10.8.1 does little to improve battery life

Karen Haslam
29 August, 2012
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Along with various bug fixes, Apple’s OS X 10.8.1 update was expected to restore battery life to the levels previously enjoyed before the update to OS X 10.8. However, testing has found that, while some improvement can be seen, the battery life expectations have not returned to those previously seen.

Beta testers of the Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.1 update had revealed that it improved battery life for Apple’s laptops.

However, testing by MacObserver has found that while some increase in battery life is experienced on 2011 laptops, compared to the levels experienced after the OS X 10.8 update, the battery life is still less than that experienced prior to the Mountain Lion update.

The 2012 MacBook with Retina Display actually sees a slight decline after the update, according to the figures.

Apple provided developers with Mountain Lion 10.8.2 for beta testing last week. Features in that update include Facebook integration. Facebook has now been added to the Share Sheet button, joining Twitter, iMessage and email.

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  1. wyseguy says:

    If you are still having battery problems after 10.8.1 update, check your battery condition in “About This Mac->More Info->System Report->Hardware->Power”. Note the the “Fully Charged Capacity” is. For example, a MacBook Pro (2011) model should have a value of around 6900 mAh. If it’s a lot less, that’s a big problem. Under that, also look for “Health Information,” and if you see “Condition: Service Battery” it isn’t the OS that’s the problem. It’s the battery itself.

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