Mount SLR lenses on your iPhone

Tim Grey
11 July, 2011
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One of the biggest gripes about the iPhone 4 (besides its antenna not working, of course) was the quality of its digital camera. Despite its shortcomings, iPhone photographer – or iPhonography – is a rapidly growing pastime.

For those iPhonographers who are starting to get a little serious about their craft, gadget manufacturer Photojojo has come up with the perfect accessory – an adaptor for your SLR lenses.

That’s right; according to Engadget, the iPhone SLR Mount lets you attach a pricey Canon or Nikon lens to your iPhone tiny, 5-megapixel sensor, allowing photographers to manually focus and create images with a shallow depth of field.

There are, however, a few qualifications. Because SLR’s use a mirror, your image will be upside-down in the iPhone’s viewer. Also, newer digital lenses don’t offer any method of changing the aperture, although old-school glass with an aperture ring will. And, the adapter will steal plenty of light, losing about one or two f-stops and obliging users to brighten shots in post.

But, if you’re excited about using incredibly-good glass on a sub-par camera, the Photojojo iPhone SLR mount will set you back US$249 plus shipping. We can’t say we’re not curious…

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  1. Xenophos says:

    Sort of defeats the purpose of have a camera phone, doesn’t it?

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