‘Modservice’ converts old MacBooks into tablets

Peter Cohen, Macworld
3 November, 2008
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Other World Computing is offering Modservice, a new service that converts the last-generation MacBook into an Axiotron Modbook, a Mac-based tablet computer. Prices start at $US1,299 ($A1,950).

The Modbook officially began shipping in January, 2008 — a year after it was first announced. The product redesigned the polycarbonate-clad MacBook into a fully functional tablet computer, complete with a stylus input with text recognition, all of the MacBook’s original ports and features intact, and support for Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

Other World Computing (OWC) is Axiotron’s official partner in North America [Ed. - we're checking availability of the Modbook to Australian customers, but for now you'd definitely do well to ring your mates in the US].

Apple recently began manufacturing new MacBooks from aluminum, using new internal components as well. Those systems are not as easily turned into a Modbook as their predecessors, but OWC recognises a large base of installed plastic-cased MacBooks are still in use. As a result, they offer a service that lets you send in your existing Black or White MacBook Core 2 Duo system into an Axiotron Modbook. More details are available on the Web site.

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