MobileMe adds large file sharing

Dan Moren
16 February, 2009
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I find myself conflicted. For years I’ve been told that sharing is good—well, up until I started hearing that file sharing was bad. But what if I have files I want to share? Say a video that I’ve put together with iMovie (involving kittens doing hilarious things, naturally) and want to send to my friends and family. Well, if you’re a MobileMe subscriber, you can now share large files on your iDisk quickly and easily.

According to Apple’s, erm, irregularly updated MobileMe blog (I know! I’m shocked every time I remember they have a blog too!), all you have to is pick a file on your iDisk and click “Share File…” in the info pane. A dialog box will prompt you for the e-mail addresses of the people you want to share it with and a message. You also have the option to pick an expiration date for the link and password protect it. Hit send and your buddies will receive an e-mail with a link to the file, which they can download at their convenience. You can view a list of your currently shared files from MobileMe’s iDisk Web interface.

If all that sounds just too darn complicated, don’t worry: Apple’s even put up a video tutorial to walk you through the whole process. Because no matter what people might tell you, when it comes to large files (and cupcakes), sharing is good.

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