Microsoft’s turn to bash Apple… again

Macworld Australia Staff
8 August, 2013
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Another day, another Apple bashing ad. Seriously, it’s like they’re lining up now. Slipping in to take its turn after Nokia’s camera spruiking campaign earlier in the week, Microsoft has come out swinging at the iPad… again.

In the one-minute 20-second slot, Microsoft lauds the Surface RT at the expense of the Apple’s fourth generation tablet. During the ad, it repeats some of the iPad’s perceived shortcomings mentioned in earlier ads, like its multi-tasking abilities (or lack of) and the fact that it doesn’t ship with an integrated kickstand and keyboard.

Lining up the two tablets side by side, the ad compares size, weight and winds up emphasising the price difference between the two tablets.

The ad also highlights the iPad’s separate adaptors versus the Surface’s built-in USB. And notes the Surface’s 32GB, compared to the iPad’s 16GB .

But its jaunty music and upbeat approach can’t distract from its sales woes. Even after Microsoft took a US$900 million write-down for the Surface RT earlier this month, it has still earned less than that figure in revenue, with Microsoft posting earnings for the tablet of US$853 million last week.

And though Microsoft is putting a positive spin on its favourable price compared to the iPad, that of course has a lot to do with the fact that the RT’s less than spectacular sales compelled Microsoft to drop its price by US$150 in July. Which explains why the Surface is now retailing at US$349 (A$389) while the iPad is still at US$499 (A$539).

by Macworld Australia staff

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