Microsoft unveils 10.6-inch Surface tablets

Martyn Williams
19 June, 2012
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Microsoft took a bold step into the tablet market today with the unveiling of a computer aimed squarely at bettering Apple’s market-leading iPad.

The computer, called Surface, will be available in two versions. One will run the Windows 8 Pro operating system and the other will be based on Windows RT, a new version of Windows designed to run on the ARM family of processors that are predominant in the tablet market.

“It’s something new, something different, a whole new family of computing devices from Microsoft,” CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer said at a Los Angeles news conference.

The machine has a 10.6in, widescreen, high-definition display and comes with a 3-millimeter-thick, pressure-sensitive cover that doubles as a keyboard.

Current specifications call for the Windows RT version to be slightly thinner but slightly heavier than Apple’s latest iPad, although Microsoft notes the size and weight of the device could change once mass production begins.

The Windows RT version weighs 676g, is 9.3mm thick and has the option of 32GB or 64GB in memory. The Larger Windows Pro weighs 903g, is 13.5mm thick and ships with 64GB or 128GB of memory.

Both versions have two in-built USB ports, 2×2 MIMO antennas and microSD card slots. (Specs link).

The device was detailed at a Los Angeles news conference that saw Microsoft apparently copying a page from Apple’s product launch playbook. Gambling that its status and the promise of “major” news would be enough, Microsoft managed to attract around 300 reporters to the event despite providing no advance details of the nature of the news and not even disclosing the location of the announcement until this morning.

The tactics worked as business and tech media spent the weekend and much of yesterday engaged in speculation on what Microsoft would be announcing and the term “MSMajorAnnouncement” entered Twitter’s global list of trending topics an hour before the announcement.

Microsoft has had mixed success marketing its own hardware. While devices like the Zune music player and Kin smartphone received similar high-profile launches and were ultimately discontinued, the company has had considerable success with the Xbox gaming platform.

The global tablet market, which includes devices such as the iPad and theAmazon Fire, is expected to roughly double this year to 119 million units, according to an estimate from Gartner. Next year will see a further 63 million units shipped to take the worldwide market to $182 million, Gartner said.

Announcement of the device comes 12 years after Microsoft first started pushing the concept of tablet computing. Then-chairman Bill Gates showed off a prototype tablet PC at the Comdex 2000 trade show but it wasn’t until Apple launched the iPad in 2010 that the market began to take off.


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