Microsoft CEO: ‘I’m not envious of Apple, it’s a low-volume player’

Ashleigh Allsopp
1 November, 2012
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has called Apple a low-volume player in all areas of the technology industry except tablets, and claims that he is not envious of the company.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ballmer was asked whether he would prefer Apple’s hardware and software controlling business model.

“We like our model, as we are evolving it,” Ballmer replied. “In every category Apple competes, it’s the low-volume player, except in tablets. In the PC market, obviously the advantage of diversity has mattered since 90-something percent of PCs that get sold are Windows PCs. We’ll see what winds up mattering in tablets.”

“Apple has incredible success, so congratulations to it,” Ballmer said. “We believe our model, which brings in $80 billion per year is also pretty good, so I’m not envious of what they’re doing.”

Ballmer refused to comment on whether Microsoft is working on its own smartphone, rather than partnering with Nokia, Samsung and HTC as it has for Windows Phone 8.

Ballmer seems pretty confident in the newly launched Surface tablet. Just yesterday, we reported that the Microsoft CEO said that the Surface is the tablet that customers really want, not the iPad.


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  1. Tony says:

    I’m sure that Microsoft shareholders will be pleased to know that volume is more important than profits to its CEO.

  2. Goerge says:

    Go Steve! I Love Windows. Don’t waste time talking about the competition. You’re on the right trsck. Keep going!!

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