Micro-SIMs made easy

Xavier Verhoeven
30 June, 2010
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Got an iPad and a few standard SIMs lying around unused? They’re fundamentally incompatible, right? Given that the iPad (and iPhone 4 when we get it) needs a Micro-SIM?

Well, that’s not quite the case: the electronics on a Micro-SIM are the same as on its bigger brother – so you can cut it down to size. Up until now, this had been a fiddly affair. You’d need a to print a Micro-SIM template off the internet, or work off an actual Micro-SIM as a template (which begs the question – why do you need to cut one up?). And if you slip whilst cutting, you can end up with a dud SIM.

Thanks to Brando, the process got a whole lot easier with the Micro Sim Cutter. Taking its design cues from a stapler/holepunch, the Micro Sim Cutter has a slot for a standard SIM and spits out your very own Micro-SIM after a quick push.

Of course, for US$25 (plus US$3 shipping), it’s probably only useful if you plan on making a lot of Micro-SIMs.

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