Man poses as woman on dating site to lure iPhone thief

Ashleigh Allsopp
15 January, 2013
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A lost iPhone has been recovered in some unusual and shocking ways recently, with one man posing as a woman on an online dating site to catch a thief.

Musician Nadav Nirenberg didn’t have the best start to 2013 after leaving his iPhone in a taxi on New Years’ Eve on his way to a concert in New York. When he had exhausted all attempts of making contact with the person who had found it, he had given up hope, he explained on his blog.

But the next day, Nirenberg found that someone was using his lost iPhone to send messages to local women through Nirenberg’s OkCupid online dating account, which he accessed through an app that didn’t require a password to log in.

So, Nirenberg decided to take action, and created a fake OkCupid profile where he posed as ‘Jennifer Rodriguez’ and convinced the thief to meet with ‘her’ at his apartment.

When the thief arrived at the address Nirenberg had given him (on a floor above his real apartment), he was carrying a bottle of wine. Nirenberg approached him and asked for his phone back, offering a $20 reward as a peace offering. Nirenberg said he was carrying a hammer in one hand just in case, though.

Thankfully, the thief returned the phone and left the building, and Nirenberg found that he had not accessed personal applications such as Facebook or email.


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