Man chains himself to store, frustrated over iPad customer service

Macworld Australia Staff
29 June, 2012
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A small business owner took the extreme step of chaining himself to the Optus store in Canberra today.

The protester, Laurence Kain said his “peaceful protest” was the last resort after unsuccessful attempts to switch the ownership of his iPad data account between his businesses, despite three previous store visits and five hours on hold, reported Gizmodo.

Kain entered the store with a camera crew and a stop watch timer,  security arrived and monitored the situation while a store employee spent 20 minutes on the phones with superiors to address the situation.

“Spending time chaining myself to the counter in an Optus shop isn’t high on my priority list for a Friday afternoon. I’m not a nutcase that enjoys going around chaining myself,” Kain said to Gizmodo.

“I have done everything over the past 3 months, the ownership of this account was starting to affect the accounting procedures of two of my companies and drastic action was the only way I was confident this would be fixed.”

Kain freed himself from the store’s counter, after Police arrived and was given the choice of leaving or be arrested. “I’m not going to break the law. I wasn’t there to be aggressive or to damage property. I felt I had exhausted every other avenue,” said Kain.

“The purpose wasn’t just to fix my account, it was to make a statement to these big businesses, including Optus, that it’s not OK to charge a premium for their service and not provide any after-sales support.”

The protest lasted 22 minutes and 47 seconds.


[Images: Gizmodo]


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