Macworld gets its Macman

Anthony Caruana
16 October, 2015
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Readers of newspapers published by the Fairfax group will be familiar with the musings and analysis of Garry Barker – better known as the Macman.

Earlier this year, Garry finished his 20-year run writing the Macman column. Other than the occasional time out for annual leave, the column graced The Age’s Green Guide and other Fairfax newspapers every week.

Garry’s career in the media stretches back decades. He’s sat in bars with Hemingway, was thrown out of Cuba during the missile crisis after reporting on the secret construction of missile sites, covered the Vietnam War and was on the spot during many international crises and major events.

After learning how to fly, he was involved in smuggling censored news stories out of Vietnam and was recognised for his service as a wartime correspondent, awarded a service medal, which added to his Pearcey Award for work as technology journalist.

Suffice to say, Garry is one of the most experienced and respected journalists in the country.

And he is now part of the Macworld Australia family.

“I guess that, as the Macman, I am a really rusted-on Apple tragic. I’ve been that way for more than 20 years and it has been a wonderful, often exciting, experience,” says Garry.

His first computer was a Commodore 64 but he soon switched to an Apple //e and then to a Mac Plus, which still sits on top of a bookcase in his office.

Garry estimates he has written around 850,000 words about the company, its products, its people and its doings.

“I met and interviewed Steve Jobs on a couple of occasions and got to know many of the talented people on his team and  the association has continued into the new Apple era. In those two decades my regular companions were the monthly editions of Macworld, so I am pleased now to have come a sort of full circle to write an occasional guest column for Macworld Australia.  I look forward to being with you, its readers, each month from now on.”

From the January edition of the Macworld Australia, Garry will be writing about the Apple universe, providing his unique insight and deep knowledge of all things Apple.

Personally, I’m very pleased to have been able to bring Garry to the Macworld Australia family. Garry may not remember, but when I started as a freelance journalist he was one of the first people I spoke to, asking for some advice.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed reading his many articles.

And I hope you, like me, look forward to reading many more in Macworld Australia.


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  1. Ruža says:

    Great news. Green Guide’s loss is Macworld’s gain.

  2. Peter Mackinlay says:

    Good on you for giving Garry something useful to do, Anthony. I have enjoyed both of you at AUSOM, giving presentations to our members at the one o’ clock session. Gee Garry, who would have guessed you were that old (let’s not mince words here)? Like Garry, I started with an Apple//e followed by a Mac Plus, but missed out on a Commodore. Many, many Apples later I use an iMac and a Macbook Pro. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Good luck to you both.

  3. Peter Mackinlay says:

    PS: Should have mentioned that Garry’s column was one of two reasons I have been subscribing to The Age for may years. I was sad that it slowly became less frequent and then no more. I must have missed the retirement story somehow.

  4. Samson Kaing says:

    20 years ago ! That is a great honour, Macman. It actually brings back fond memories of me discovering and buying my first ever copy of Australian MacUser from a newsagent…what is it, 24 years ago now? Oh boy, the times have changed. I wish you the very best there at MacWorld – and I don’t mean iMacs, iPhones and iPads! Have a good one mate!

  5. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    In fact, allowing for name changes and changes in publishers, I believe Macworld Australia is the longest, continually printed Mac-focussed magazine in the world!

  6. Alan L says:

    Glad that Mr Barker has moved to a clearly Apple centric environment. His often incoherent and utterly partial writings on anything Apple flavoured had no place in a journal which prides itself on journalistic excellence, i.e., enquiry, an open mind, lack of clear bias and so on.

    In fact the fanboi writings of Mr Barker and the nonsense written by the former Ambassador to the Holy See were the reasons I let my sub to the Age lapse. I may reconsider.

  7. Alan L says:

    Great. This fanboi’s writings had no place in a newspaper which claims journalistic excellence; his clearly biased writings in favour of the the Apple co, had no place in a decent newspaper.
    Better in a magazine which doesn’t even pretend to speak to people who don’t want Apple’s throwaway and expensive gear.
    I bought an iMac G4 based upon Garry’s writings, many years ago in 2004 or so, cost me $3999. Keep it in the garage as as example of stupidly expensive technology which was both obsolete far too soon, and short lived. Garbage.

  8. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Hi Alan

    Garry provided the following response to your comment

    “My thanks to Alan L for his opinion, which satisfactorily exposes his prejudice. A pity he lacked the courage and the common courtesy to sign his full name”.

    I should add that Garry’s articles, not withstanding your comments, have been greatly liked and the reason many people bought the Green Guide each week. Given his long history working as a journalist across the world covering many major world events, I have no problem adding a journalist of his experience and esteem to the Macworld Australia team.

    I should add, although most of our readers are users of Apple’s technology, we don’t write exclusively about Apple and certainly don’t give them a free ride.

  9. Alan L says:

    Dear Garry – four months on and still nothing in this august journal with your name on it.

    Where are you?

  10. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Garry’s contributions are in the current and next print issues

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