MacBook Air, Lion release not today; next week

Tim Grey
15 July, 2011
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Well, it’s hat-eating time, and maybe even a serve of humble pie; earlier this week we reported that we’d all be proud owners of updated MacBooks Airs on which we’d be downloading OS X Lion from the Mac App Store… Sadly, we awoke this morning to no new Apple computers, and no full version of Lion to boot.

Despite the inaccuracy of the last haul of predictions, AllThingsDigital is claiming the new MacBook Airs will launch ‘late next week,’ and will rock Thunderbolt ports, backlit keyboards and 128GB and 256GB hard drives (dropping the 64GB model).

“Several sources indicate that the company plans to uncrate the eagerly anticipated updates to its MacBook Air line late next week: ‘The rumor sites are off by a week,’” said AllThingsD.

In addition to the rejigged Airs, MacRumors is reporting OS X Lion will be released at the same time, if not before. Apple had previously only stated that Lion would be available in “July”.

While there’s a strong possibility of both releases in the coming week, it’s probably a good time to point out that these rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt…


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  1. Jake says:

    So disappointed. Please, please let us see Lion a week from now at the latest! I am getting too impatient.

  2. paul says:

    Thank you jake, your not the only one. I am tired of waiting. I am from the US and I feel that Apple should tell everyone a release date. It is totally ridiculous the media gets our hopes up and then we crash. Then another media pops up and tells us the same thing. The media needs to quit relying on people and seek the truth. The Newspapers needs to pester the living daylights out of Apple to get a release date. That’s ok though, the more I wait, the more they can wait on their money. I’ve thought about creating a Facebook group to get people not to buy it until a “Mystery Date”, let’s make Apple suffer. They made us suffer and so has the media.

  3. Serge says:


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