Mac1 caught up in Dick Smith collapse

Anthony Caruana
15 January, 2016
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In the retail world, there’s probably never been a bigger story than the collapse of Dick Smith. It’s a sad tale really and there are many analysts out there offering their views on why the company failed.

Sadly, one of the few remaining Apple resellers, Mac1, has been caught up in the parent company’s woes. Dick Smith purchased Mac1 back in 2014 when it decided to make a push into the education business. Although Mac1 is not in receivership, it’s caught in the troubles of Dick Smith Electronics.

Mac1 has two retail stores, in Canberra and Woolongong, 13 service centres in both central and country locations as well specialist consultants in seven states and territories.

According to some reports, administrator Joe Hayes expressed a view to attendees of a creditor meeting that if Mac1 was sold as a separate business it would produce a better return to creditors than if it was sold along with Dick Smith.

A separate sale would require the input of creditors, even if they had no connection with the Mac1 part of the business.

I hope Mac1 survives this threat. There are so few Apple resellers left. And while Apple’s own stores offer a great retail experience, there’s something to be said for visiting an independent reseller. Many independent resellers offer different accessories, advice that isn’t limited to the Apple ecosystem and, dare we say it, more personalised service.

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