Mac users are back in Apple’s sights

Anthony Caruana
19 December, 2017
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As Mac users, we often feel left out when Apple announces some big news. But last week was pretty exciting, albeit at an eye-watering price.

Apple released its all new iMac Pro. While it outwardly looks like the iMac Darth Vader would use (sorry – I couldn’t resist a little Star Wars reference given The Last Jedi was released last week) with its Space Grey finish and custom matching peripherals, it’s a very different beast to the iMac. It boasts a lot more firepower, faster storage and significantly more storage and memory than the regular iMac.

But with a starting price of $7299 (no, that’s not a typo) it’s a machine designed only for the most dedicated of Mac users. By the way, if you want to go all the way and max out the processor, memory and storage capacity then be prepared to outlay a little over $20,000.

Alongside the new Mac, Apple has also dropped a new version of Final Cut Pro X, which is designed to let video editors take full advantage of the new iMac Pro’s capability. For the vast majority of Mac users, the iMac Pro will be overkill. I’m still humming along on my almost four-year-old Mac mini but I am considering an upgrade in 2018 to an iMac – although the iMac Pro is well outside my price range and far in excess of my relatively humble needs.

We are Macworld Australia, and while I’m always super interested in what’s happening with Apple’s other platforms, the Mac is really the heart and soul of Apple. It’s great to see it get some serious attention. Next year, we can expect a new Mac Pro to accompany the iMac Pro.

In the mean time, I’ll keep pottering along with my Mac mini and ageing Cinema Display, which I think is now in its seventh or eighth year of service. It’s a great screen but I covet a 5K Retina display. And I’m sure it will help me work faster!

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  1. Jamie says:

    No, Apple don’t care about the Mac – it is a tertiary product for them behind the iPhone and iPad and I firmly believe that it will not be around much longer in any affordable form (not that it really is now).

    Apples insistence on thinner and lighter (and not to mention form over function) is lost on me and means that I will no longer buy from them.

    Apple have lost an ardent supporter and zealot of around 10 years now as everything they make is way too expensive by the time it is upgraded/future-proofed at Apples exorbitant prices for RAM and storage. The day that they made it impossible to upgrade anything inside the machine (except for RAM on the 27” iMac -and I suspect that the next revision will lose this as well) is the day that I said goodbye.

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